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Postmodern Imagination: A History of Cyberpunk

  • City Come A-Walkin’

    City Come A-Walkin’
    John Shirley’s ‘City Come A-Walkin’. Shirley was one of the pioneers of the Cyberpunk genre, with Willian Gibson later describing him as, ‘“cyberpunk’s patient zero, first locus of the virus.” (Abbott, 2007).
  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner
    Ridley Scott’s, 'Blade Runner', capturing all the features of the genre: the reluctant, rough protagonist and dystopic, plugged-in world of the near-future.
  • Neuromancer

    The 1980’s saw the popular rise of Cyberpunk, with the pivotal novel being William Gibson’s, ‘Neuromancer’.
  • Count Zero

    Count Zero
    Gibson’s dominance of the genre continued with his novel, ‘Count Zero’
  • Hackers

    Iain Softley’s, 'Hackers', starring Angelina Jolie. As the internet and cyberspace was introduced to a curious public, the movie captured the essence of modern cyberpunk with the quote, "This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch [...] We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. [...] Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity." (Hackers, 1995)
  • The Matrix

    The Matrix
    Perhaps one of the most recognised modern cyberpunk films, ‘The Matrix’ is released. Interestingly, the term ‘matrix’ was first used by Gibson in his 1984, ‘Neuromancer’.
  • TRON: Legacy

    TRON: Legacy
    ‘TRON: Legacy’, follows a boy who is transported into a virtual reality called ‘The Grid’ and explores the idea of cyberspace and virtual reality.