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Five Key moments of the history of Cyberpunk

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner
    A science fiction movie directed by Ridley Scott in 1982, set in 2019.Replicants have the same intelligence as the humans seeking to keep lifelong energy. The film leaves the audience to answer for themselves the question "If replicants are just like humans, how many humans are human?"
    Jenkin,M.(1997)The Dystopian World of Blade Runner: An Ecofeminist Perspective.Retrived fromhttp://trumpeter.athabascau.ca/index.php/trumpet/article/view/172/210
  • Bruce Bethke Releases short story

    Bruce Bethke releases the short story called Cyberpunk in the magazine "Amazing Sience Fiction Storyes". This was one of the first times that this term was used, making it a break through moment that started a new conversation. This term was later used in other works thanks to this first story by Bruce Bethke. Bethke,B.(1983)."Cyberpunk" Amazing Science Fiction Stories.Retrived fromhttp://www.infinityplus.co.uk/stories/cpunk.htm
  • Representative work in Cyberpunk literature

    Begining in 1984 the unknown American author William Gibson published a series of three long stories which showed strange contents, interconnected scenes and plot.Titled " Neuromancer "(1984),"Count Zero "(1986)and"Mona Lisa Overdrive "(1988), these three novels suddenly caused waves in the science fiction world.This is a set of peculiar works from the idea to style. Fuhan.(2011).cyber punk 编年史.Retrived from:http://www.douban.com/group/topic/18032539/
  • Cyberpunk 2020

    Cyberpunk 2020
    The genre of Cyberpunk even includes games.Cyberpunk 2020 is a role-playing game. It includes multiple elements associated with the 1980s, such as the idea of "glam rock". The game focus more on strife, high-tech weapons and cybernetic modification. Performance improving and recreational drug use is either faded-out or discouraged. I believe through this game we can learn something.
    Review of cyberpunk 2020(n.d.) Retrived from:http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/123
  • The Matrix

    The Matrix
    It is a sci-fiction action movie released in 1999. The film is about a young hacker called Neo who found the real world is actually controlled by an artifical intelligence system called "The Matrix". Neo is introduced by a mysterious girl Trinity to the leader of a hacker organization Morpheus and the three go on a journey to resist "The Matrix". The Matrix is a typical work about cyberpunk culture. Above info from: The Matrix(1999) Retrived from:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/