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    In the beginning..

    From 1920 to 1940, Cyberpunk had only just begun to appear in the world; beginning with the first use of "punk" referring to a criminal.
    - First use of the word 'robot' by author Karel Capek in his science fiction play R.U.R.
    - Release of Metropolis, an iconic cyberpunk film that is still studied today.
    - First electronic computation machine was created in Great Britain. However it remained a military secret for years to come. (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    • George Owell's futuristic, dehumanising 1984 was published which is loosely considered cyberpunk
    • The term "cyborg" was invented by both Manfred E. Clynes and Nathan S. Kline. The word refers to a hypothetical person who's abilities are beyond human (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    • The internet was born
    • Nippon Apattchi-zoku by Sakyo Komatsu and
      The Moon is a Harsh Mistress were published.
    • Tank video game made its debut (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006) (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    There were many cyberpunk publishings in this time including; Omni, Spacetime Donuts, Universe 11, True Names, Blade Runner, Tron, Terminator.
    Bruce Bethke created a short story "Cyberpunk" and was the first time the term was used anywhere. (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    In 1993, Billy Idol's "Cyberpunk" was released which outraged many people.
    Christian Kirtchev published "A Cyberpunk Manifesto".
    Many cyberpunk movies were released and other publishings such as Terminator 2, The Silicon Man, Synners,The Hacker Crackdown and many more.
    The "Michelangelo" virus media panic began and ended.
    US President Bill Clinton bars federal funding for any further research on human cloning.
    (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    Technology begins to spiral out of control with the MyDoom virus infecting 250 000 computers in just one day and mobile phone viruses begin to appear.
    Further, a virtual world called "Second Life" is released onto the internet. The first cat clone for commercial purposes "Little Nicky" is born. The first human face transplant is carried out in France. Upon entering the year 2000, the world did not end, the computers did not crash. (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    An invention that helps paralysed men do everyday things like check emails is demonstrated. Cyberattacks on networks all over the world begin to appear. In Iraq, robotic patrollers are seen. Unseen footage of the Cyberpunk film, Metropolis is recovered and displayed in a museum. (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)
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    2005- Present

    In recent years, Cyberpunk movies have continued to be filmed such a Tron Legacy, Blade Runner 2, RoboCop and Terminator Genisys. (Screen Rant 2016)
    Further, many online virtual games with a Cyberpunk theme have gotten very popular. (Cyberpunk 2016) (Cyberpunk Timline 2006)