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A brief history of Cyberpunk

  • Cybernetics

    Article on Cyberpunk, accessed 20th August, 2012 Cybernetics, a term which has roots in the greek word kubernetes, meaning 'pilot' or steersman. Defined by Wiener, a scientific term used to describe the study of control of either animals or machines. One of the fundamental aspects of cyberpunk.
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    Key events of Cyberpunk

  • William Gibson is born

    William Gibson is born
    William Gibson is the founder of the cyberpunk literary genre - a post modern science fiction genre, Cyberpunk's thematic concepts often deal with "high tech and low life." Often with anarcist undertones it will depict the discord between society and the technology they have in a very technologically advanced near future setting.
  • Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott's Blade Runner
    A film by Ridley Scott that became notorious in later years for having several extended cuts being released. It is originally based off of the Phillip K. Dick novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". It is the first truely cyberpunk movie, and is noted for its perfect cpture of the gritty and neon film noir-esque cyberpunk aesthetic
  • Bruce Bethke introduces the term "Cyberpunk"

    Bruce Bethke introduces the term "Cyberpunk"
    The first use of the term cyberpunk is used by Bruce Bethke as the title for his short story in the "AMAZING" science fiction stories magazine in volume 57, number 4. Despite the term being coined in the early 1980's to define the science fiction stories and movies that were emerging during the time as a rebuttal to space opera, a genre most noted for the "Star Wars" trilogy.
  • Neuromancer

    A William Gibson novel that is most noted for its complex and deep delivery of the cyberpunk genre. It is one of the key and most notable books that is associated with the genre.
  • The Matrix by the Wachowski Brothers

    The Matrix by the Wachowski Brothers
    The triumph of the cyberpunk genre, it became the best selling dvd of the 90's, and is to this day still prevalent in popular culture, thus prolonging the life of the genre.