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Cyberpunk History

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    Cyber Punk History

  • Punk! What A Word

    Punk! What A Word
    In todays society a punk may conjure images of tattoos and wild hair but the original use of the word began in the mid to late 1920's to describe criminals of antisocial behaviour. (The Cyberpunk Project 2004)
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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner
    Blade Runner was one of the first cyberpunk films dealing with advanced technology and social decay. (Carreon Maria 2006) (Imbd 2012)
    Figure 1: Blade runner (imbd 2012)
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  • 'Time Magazine' Cyberpunk Cover

    'Time Magazine' Cyberpunk Cover
    Time magazine releases Cyberpunk cover. Figure 1: Time Magazine Front Cover (Time 2012) References. Time 2012, “Cyberpunk!”, acessed on the 19th August 2012, <,16641,19930208,00.html > <,16641,19930208,00.html >
  • "Cyberpunk" first coined by Bruce Bethke

    "Cyberpunk" first coined by Bruce Bethke
    Bruce Bethke publishes a short story with the title "Cyberpunk" in 1982. (Fitzpatrick Jason 2011)
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  • Neuromancer Novel

    written by Wiliam Gibson in 1984 Neuromancer portrays the story of a down beaten computer hacker hired to pull off the ultimate hack by a mysterious employer.
  • The Matrix

    The Matrix
    Possibly the most known and recognised cyberpunk genred film of all time. The matrix depecits the computer hacker discovering the truth about life and reality. (Imbd 2012)
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