Key events of WW1

  • Franz Ferdinand assasination

    Franz Ferdinand assasination
    A group of Serbian nationalists kill the heir to the throne of Serbia Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His death sparked a number of events that lead to WW1. The image is of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie getting into a car to depart from Sarajevo, shortly before their deaths.
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    WW1 Key Events

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  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
    War has begun. In this image we see the Austria-Hungary flag
  • Germany declares war on Russia

    Germany declares war on Russia
    Germany are part of the triple alliance with Austria- Hungary and declare war on Russia who are part of the triple entente with Serbia. Image- The image is of Germany's flag during WW1.
  • Britain declare war on Germany

    Britain declare war on Germany
    Britain, part of the triple entente join in and declare war on Germany. Image- The image is of the British Flag, which is still the same today.
  • First Battle of Marne

    First Battle of Marne
    One of the first in a series of battles fort after the outbreak of war, the First battle of Marne marked the end of Germany’s extent through France and the beginning of trench warfare. Image- Wreckage of a German aeroplane found between Marne and Aisne.
  • First Battle of Ypres

    First Battle of Ypres
    Marked the end of the race to the sea. Image- Hot chocolate being given to men of the Second Battalion, Scots Guards, a rare yet much appreciated treat.
  • Zeppelin raid on Britain

    Zeppelin raid on Britain
    It was the first German airship attack on Britain, 20th century warfare had arrived. Image- Destroyed property in Norfolk, England following the raids.
  • Second Battle of Ypres

    Second Battle of Ypres
    During this battle, a new German weapon was first used, poisonous gas. This image is a view of the damage to Ypres cathedral.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    It was one of the biggest campaigns of WW1, as Allied troops tried to break through the German frontline in France. It symbolised the horrendous fighting of WW1, which was shown through the number of lives lost in this battle. Image- German troops dead on the battlefield.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    One of the most expensive battles of WW1, many lives were lost on both sides. Image- A German soldier aiming his rifle with a dead French soldier next to him during battle.
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    Was the one major navy battle of WW1. The image is of a British destroyer sailing in the distance during the battle.
  • Battle of Fromelles

    Battle of Fromelles
    It was the minor Battle of Somme, yet an important part in Australia’s history. The AIF fought their first major battle in Europe at Fromelles. Image- men of the 5th Australian Division taken prisoner during the battle.
  • USA declares war on Germany

    USA declares war on Germany
    USA declares war after Germany renewed its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. Image- U.S troops change a German street sign on the Western Front in 1917.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    It was at this battle that Canadian troops received much admiration for their success in gaining Vimy ridge for the Allied troops. Image- Canadian troops tending to a German casualty at Vimy Ridge.
  • Battle of Passchendaele (Third battle of Ypres)

    Battle of Passchendaele (Third battle of Ypres)
    It became notorious for its appalling weather conditions and number of casualties. Image- Australian troops walking along duckboards through the remains of Chateau Wood.
  • Second battle of Marne

    Second battle of Marne
    Battled out on the western front, it was a disaster for the Germans. Many German commanders saw the failure of this battle as a sign of defeat in the war as a whole. Image- British soldiers taking a German prisoner during battle.
  • Germany signs armistice, official ending of WW1

    Germany signs armistice, official ending of WW1
    Germany finally accept defeat, and sign an armistice bringing the war to an official end. Image- A parade on the Main Street of Winchester, England on Armistice Day.
  • Treaty of Versailles signed

    Treaty of Versailles signed
    The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed post war. Image- Trianon Palace Versailles, where the Treaty was signed.
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    The League of Nations was an international organisation which was signed as part of the Treaty of Versailles, as an attempt to reduce conflict between countries. Although it failed to prevent WW2, it did successfully deal with conflict in the 1920’s. It later became the United Nations, which is a major organisation of today. Image- Opening session of the league of nation held in Geneva, Switzerland.