Key events in Melbournes history

  • Melbournes Founded

    Melbournes Founded
    Melbourne was officially founded in 1835 by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner.
    This is important because if it had not been founded at this point it may never have developed the same at it is today
  • Declared a city

    Declared a city
    In 1847 Melbourne was declared a city by Queen Victoria
    This is important because it is the begin of a journey to melbournes independance
  • gold rush begins

    gold rush begins
    the gold rush begins with discovery of gold at Buninyong.
    this is an important part in melbournes history because the gold rush was big cultural change for melbourne and part of its ascinating journey to multicuturalism.
  • Melbourne University was founded

    Melbourne University was founded
    Melbourne University founded was founded in 1853 by Hugh Childers as an act of the victorian parliament
    This is important in the development of melbournes high education system
  • State Library founded

    State Library founded
    The state library was built in sync with the new university in Melbourne. Outside the front of the library there is a statue of a man pointing to the university.
    This development was important because it became a central point of melbourne and holds alot of our history.
  • Queen Victoria Market founded

    Queen Victoria Market founded
    Queen vic markets was founded and built over the top of an ancient aoriginl burial ground.
    i believe this to be important because it showed the continuation of cruelty to aboriginals and disregard for there culture and way of life.
  • FIrst Melbourne Cup

    FIrst Melbourne Cup
    THe first Melbourne Cup was held on the second tuesday in november and has been held every year ever since.
    This was important to melbournes history because it is one our most important annual events.
  • Melbourne overtakes Sydney

    Melbournes population race with sydney s deemed triumphant as we take them over in the census,
    This is an important factor in history because it shows melbournes fst growing society,
  • The royal mint completed.

    The royal mint completed.
    In 1869 the Royal Mint was completed. I believe this to be important because it created melbournes independancy financially as we were able to produce our own money
  • Operational Sewage System

    Melbournes Sewerage system was deemed usable and sewerage was finally handled carefully in melbourne.
    This is important in our development as it is the begginning of cleaning up the dirty city
  • Federation

    In 1901 Australia became its own country. This is known as the year of federation. On the first of January 1901 australia separated its ties from britian and became its own country with its own laws and its own leaders. I beloeve this is one of the most important dates in melbournes history because it is when we became our own-and we were also made capital of Australia
  • First Australian Open

    First Australian Open
    The australian open is one of Australias most famouus annual spporting events. The beginning of this tournament began melbournes dive into the sporting world and into reaching out to other countries
  • First electric tram

    First electric tram
    The trams are part of the Melbourne way of life and were famous for them. The first one ran in 1906 and i believe this to be an important day because without this important event a large chunk of melbournes heritage is missing
  • The capital is moved

    The capital is moved
    Melbourne is no longer the capital it has been moved to canberra. This changed Melbourne cause if the government had been kept in Melbourne the whole structure would be different.
  • Melbourne hosts olympics

    Melbourne hosts olympics
    Melbourne firsts hosts the world famous 'Olympic games' this was important in Melbournes historry because it the olympic games and they are very important
  • Westgate bridge collapse

    Westgate bridge collapse
    The west gate bridge collapsed in 1970 killing 3 construction workers. This bridge is now one of the most used bridges in Melbourne and without it Melbourne would be very disfunctional,
  • city loop opens

    city loop opens
    The city loop began consruction in 1971 and was officially opened in 1982. It is the central point for trains across victoria and has trains connecting to all the far corners-and interstate. I think this is important to the history of melbourne because its a huge contributer to the way melbounre works today.
  • ash wednesday

    ash wednesday
    ash wednesday was the first major natural tragidy in victoria. I think it is important because it was a unifying thing and showed the strength of our great state.
  • Meaghan Munro's Birthday

    This is the day the best girl in the world was born. I believe it changed our history because Meaghan will change Melbourne forever.
  • Melbourne Survives 2012

    Melbourne Survives 2012
    Whilst many of the countries in the world were blown to its by the huge meteor shower... melbourne lives on. I believe this to be important because were all still alive
  • public transport takes over

    The new melbourne city means that there is a charge for driving around the city minimising car use... car parks are remaining outsde the city for a small charge so that people can get most of the way. All public transport* is now free and energy safe as they are run by renewable energy. *Excludes vline trains
  • westgate tunnel is built

    The westgate bridge has been replaced with the new westgate tunnel which runs underthe yarra to re direct the over flowing traffic from the over used bridge to go under the yarra and across.
  • we all die

    were dead.