Key Events 1913 - 2013

By 157893
  • Period: to

    Communist Revolution

    Communist Revolution in Russia and its empire creates severeal new countries that are known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin
  • The Comintern is formed

    The Comintern, an international communist organisation formed
  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Period: to

    Prime Minister Swap

    In the UK, Stanley Baldwin (a conservative) and Ramsay MacDonald (Labour Leader) swap the prime ministership several times
  • Australias First Radio Broadcast

    Australias first radio broadcast takes place in Sydney
  • Death of Vladimir Lenin

    Death of Vladimir Lenin; Joseph Stalin (the general secretary of the Communist Party) takes over power in the power in the USSR
  • Silent Movies End

    The Jazz Singer begins the era of 'Talking Pictures' and the end of silent movies
  • Global Depression

    Wall Street Stock Market crash; beginning of Global Depression
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • World War II begins

    World War II begins when Germany invades Poland