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Kerli Koiv

  • Career Begins

    Career Begins
    She Won a Singing Competition in an age group category of 13-15 On may 18th. She lied about her age to enter the Contest. This is important Because if she did not lie then she would not have been able to inspire the ones that she does today. She has changed many teens lives by becoming an artist. She proves to people that you do not need money to ware amazing clothes, you can just use your abbilites to make your own.
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    Career Begins

  • Love is Dead EP

    Love is Dead EP
    In 2006, Kerli signed a contract with Island Records. This changed her life because she was then able to create music video's of her dream. In Febuary 29, 2011 Her song Love is Dead was realesed, She also in her music videos, created most of the props her self.
  • Bubble Goth

    Bubble Goth
    After the realse of Love is Dead, people started to automaticly lable her "goth" A critic started disagreeing saying no, she is more of a 'bubble goth'. Kerli stated, "That is exactly what I am". and that she was "going to take this concept and roll with it." Bubble goth is putting light and dark, opposits, and things that you don't really nessisary think would go together. This is important because it created a new gnere that people can now veiw as hers'. It was created for her, because of her.
  • Walking On Air

    Walking On Air
    Kerli's Music video, Walking On Air had premired on MTV Overdrive on May 20, 2008 "Walking On Air" got minimal rotation on top 40 statations. Her music video was also the free "single of the week" on itunes for the week of July 21, 2008. This was important because it affected her career as a singer. She started createing more then imagened.