• Campaign for independance.

    Kenyan African Union (KAU) formed to campaign for independence (Kenya info guide).
  • Indepenence

    Kenyan's gain independance.
  • Kenya experiences a drought.

    Kenya went through drought in 1984 and lost a lot of economic chances in food harvest and production. Fortunately, they had a lot of Western aid so their economy was kind of supported.
  • More Secondary Schools in Kenya

    Secondary schools in Kenya increased to about 3,000 schools by the year 2000 and about 620,000 students were enrolled.
  • Mwai Kibaki becomes president.

    Kibaki is the first non-Kanu president in about 40 years. He is a democrat, and ended curruption in their government.
  • Rewarded the most toured country.

    Kenya is announced the number 1 country for making money from tourist. Many American's and Europeans are fascinated by the wildlife.
  • Volcano destroy's crops.

    The Icelandic volcano have caused problems across the world for transportation and economy. In Kenya, the flower and vegetable industry was greatly effected. The precious African trade roses were pulled out of the ground and thrown away from the damage the ash from the volcano's caused. This cost Kenya's economy about 15 million dollars.