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Kent State Shootings

  • What happened in 1969

    growing opposition to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War (1959–75) had produced massive demonstrations nationwide
  • Nixon's announcement

    President Richard M. Nixon (1913–1994; served 1969–74) announced that U.S. forces had invaded territory in Cambodia. The announcement triggered huge demonstrations on college campuses across the country. Kent State was one of these colleges.
  • Protesting goes wrong

    Protesting goes wrong
    ROTC building is burnt down and the National Guard is called to KSU.
  • Continued protesting at KSU

    The National Guard used tear gas against students to disperse a peaceful demonstration. Several students were beat and bayoneted others, but there were no fatalities.
  • KSU Shootings occur

    KSU Shootings occur
    National Guardsmen open fire into the protesters, killing 4 people.
  • Case Closed

    Case Closed
    The case was officially closed.
  • End of the Draft

    The Kent State Shootings helped the end of the draft in 1973, and this is when campus protests started to decrease.
  • Case comes back

    It was opened again in 1974, after Nixon resigned the presidency, but the charges against the National Guard were again dismissed.
  • I Was There: What Really Went On At Kent State (1974)

    Book by Edward J. Grant and Michael Hill
  • The Kent State Coverup (1980)

    Book by by Joseph Kelner and James Munves
  • Kent State (1981)

  • Four Dead in Ohio: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State? (1990)

    Book by William Gordon
  • The Year That Trembled (2002)

    The Year That Trembled (2002)
    Movie by Jay Craven
  • The shooting's impact on America today

    There are beliefs that the shootings marked the beginning of the war in the Southeast Asia to come to an end. It is believed that the shootings marked when the repressiveness tendencies of the government created a will for change. It is also believed that the gunfire ended the belief that it’s possible to stand up to the government. The shootings have affected society today because it has diminished the belief that it’s possible to stand up for what you believe in against the government.