Kelsey Billiman: Growth and change in early America

By kelso
  • Steamboat

    Robert Fluton's first steamboat, and was first for long lasting boat. Their first voyage was going to Livingston's estate .
  • The War of 1812!

    Was a military conflict between the united States and the Brithish Empire. The Americans declared war for many rerasons, the expanision of the Northen Territory, trade restrictions, and the ongoing war with France.
  • Agreemant with U.S and British

    The agreement between U.S and British for land including the Great Lake and Lake Champliain. Also witn mantain military.
  • Two nations Canadan borders

    Treaty signed U.S and United Kingdom. Bundary issues between the two nations, and allowed settlemant.
  • Missouri Compromise

    The agreement that Missouri will be a slave state, while Maine was a free slavery state.
  • President Monroe Doctrine

    Was the new president, and peomised that European countrys would be coloinize, and that they cannont interefere.
  • The American System

    This system would establish stronger procetive tariffs. Clay used his politcal cout to secure the victory for Adams.
  • Gibbins v.s Ogden

    Court ruled that the Consitution gave control to interstate commerce to the U.S Congress.
  • Indain Removal Act

    The act was to require Amercan Indains to relocate back to Indain Territory. Some Indains did nopt go willingly, or chose to fight, and written letters to the Congress.
  • Re-election Andrew Jackson

    This was a re-election for Andrew Jackon. He vetoed the bank measure, by weakening federal control over the banking system.
  • Economic Panic

    The panic began in 1837 and lasted up to 184. During this inflation was going on, and banks failed...
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Was a gathering the first gathering of a woman's rightd convention.Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organized the gathering.
  • Joseph Whitworth

    Made the first raffle, and told Americans that there is improvments on making work easyer for people.
  • Arican Amricans Free

    This event was Afican Americans that were free from salvery lived on the South.
  • Cotton 1815 to 1860

    Was the help with cotton, a machine that was make work easyer with taking out the cotton seeds.