Kelly Guerra's Chapter 26 Timeline

  • Yalta Conference

    Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill met at Yalta to decide what to do about Germany and Poland. In this conference, Germany was divided into four zones. They were British, Soviet, American, and French occupied zones. British, French,and American zones were combined to make West Germany. The Soviet occupied zone made up East Germany. Also they discussed whether Germany should pay for starting a war.
  • The establishment of the United Nations in San Francisco

    The League of Nations didn't go as planned because the U.S. didn't join.At the Yalta Conference, the leaders thought of creating the United Nations. The United Nations wa going to a peace keeping organization. The U.S. got Congressional support before it was formed.The charter stated that members would try to settle their differences peacefully and would promote justice and cooperation in solving international problems. In addition, they would try to stop wars from starting.
  • the Potsdam Conference.

    Harry S. Truman took over as President after F.D.R. died. Also, Churchill was replaced by Clement Attlee. They met Stalin in Potsdam. They debated the same issuse as in the Yalta Conference( Germany, Poland, war debts, etc.). Stalin wanted Germany to pay and for Poland to be Communist, but the other two did not.
  • McCarthy Hearings

    McCarthy's aid was drafted, so he said the army was Communist.He wasn't believed, so the McCarthy hearings were held.They were televised,and at the end of themMcCarthy was found guilty of false accusations. He then charged his accusors with being Communist. By then, he had lost all credibility. He remained in the senate but had no power.
  • the launching of Sputnick.

    The soviets used rockets to launch Sputnick. It was the first artificial satelitte to orbit the Earth. It made it obvious that Soviet technology was becoming more advanced. The fear was that the Soviets could use a rccket to launch Sputnick. This also started a space race.
  • the U-2 incident

    America sent a spy plane to spy on the Soviet Union in hopes of winning the Cold War. It was 15 miles high and was not thought of being detected that high. The Soviet's, however, picked it up on radar and shot it. It shocked America and pushed them even futher to try and win the Cold War. The plane they flew was called U-2 which is why this is called the U-2 incident.