Katy perry 435

katy perry's timeline

  • Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson is born

    Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson is born
  • Getting Started into Music

    Getting Started into Music
    started singing lessons in 1994 In 1998 she was 13 and she got started taking gutiar lessons
  • First album

    First album
    realeased her first album as Katy Hudson
  • first successful song

    first successful song
    the song Hot and Cold reached the charts everywhere making her more famous than ever
  • Awards!

    She won a Grammy, Album of the Year ,and Record of the Year.
  • more hit songs

    more hit songs
    August through September in 2010 she released "Fireworks", "California Gurlz" and "Teenage Dream.'" kept her on the top of the charts
  • Katy gets married

    Katy gets married
    Gets married to Russell Brand in India

    Katy stars as smurfette's voice in the smurfs' movie