Katy Perry, The hottest artist alive.

By xsaiph
  • Birth.

    Born in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Fame

  • Lessons begin!

    Lessons begin!
    In 1994 she was nine years old and she started singing lessons.
  • First album!

    First album!
    In 2001 she released a Gospel album as Kathryn Hudson.
  • Topping the charts

    Topping the charts
    In 2006 she released Hot -n-Cold that reached the charts everywhere..
  • First Song!

    First Song!
    Her first song that she released is "Ur So Gay."
  • Grammy's!

    She won a Grammy, Album of the Year ,and Record of the Year.
  • More albums!

    More albums!
    2010 she released "Fireworks", "California Gurlz" & "Teenage Dream.'"
  • Marriage!

    Gets married to Russell Brand in India on Saturday
  • Smurfin!

    The Smurfs, as Smurfette;a guest star on the X Factor & American Idol.
  • Breaking the charts.

    Breaking the charts.
    Katy Perry has become known for her over-the-top fashions.