Katnisses Helpers (The Hunger Games)

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    Katniss Gets Help

  • Peeta Gives Katniss burnt bread.

    I know that peeta is helping katnis, because he knows she was searching for food, and offers her some burnt bread. He was willing to take a beating from his mother, for katniss, just so should could have bread. Peeta also purposely burnt the bread so his mother would force him to get rid of it.
  • Katniss is visited in the train by the baker. (Peetas father)

    Peetas father tells katniss before her depature to the hunger games, that he will take care of prim and her mother. I know that he is trying to help her, because he knows she is worried about them and the baker know the family will struggle to survive without katniss.
  • Cinna Makes Katniss beautiful.

    When Katniss reaches the capitol she is greeted by a stylist named cinna. He helped Katniss look as beautiful as she could look before the games. He helped her to gain confidence in her self aso and he was always there for her.
  • Haymitch helps Katniss.

    Haymitch is like katnisses mentor, because he knows what it takes to survive the games. He is constantly giving her tips and lessons throughout her training to help her win the hunger games and go back to her family.
  • Effie Trinket.

    Effie trinket was always with Katniss helping her throughout all the interviews. She helps Katniss with what to do during the interviews, because Katniss is completely clueless on what to do. Effie also loved her like she was one of her own, which made Katniss feel very good.
  • Gale helps katniss hunt.

    Gale is constantly helping Katniss, whenever they go on hunts. He is always setting traps to help himself and her to come home with more food for their families.
  • Katniss meets Rue.

    About a quarter of the way through the hunger games, Katniss is hiding in a treetrying to sleep, and as she is climbing, she is warned by a little girl named Rue from another tree that there is a beehive above her. After this Rue and Katniss team up and begin to work together helping each other thoughout the games.
  • Peeta fights Cato.

    At one point during the hunger games Katniss gets trapped in a tree, and sneaks out after dropping a beehive on the enemies. However one of her opponents named cato wants her dead so he tries to attack. A boy named Peeta steps in front of him and tells Katniss to run, while he fights cato off.
  • Thresh saves Katniss.

    When Katniss is forced to retrieve a backpack to save Peeta, she is caught by another opponent. This enemy shows no mercy for Katniss, and right when she is about to cut her mouth up, thresh grabs the girl attacking Katniss and kills her. He saved Katniss, because she helped Rue.
  • Haymitch sends Katniss Supplies.

    Haymitch throughout the games collects donations from sponsors. He uses this money to purchase and send food and medicine to Katniss whenever she needed it. This was very helpful to Katniss, and she appreciated it very much.