Katniss gets Help

By Jduff33
  • Mom gives Katniss dress for the reaping

    Katniss's mom helped Katniss because she gave her a dress for the reaping so Katniss would look formal. Katniss doesn't have nice clothing so her mom saved one of her old dresses for Katniss to wear.
  • Peeta gives Katniss Bread

    Peeta was helping Katniss out because Katniss was starving. Peetas mom didnt give any bread to Katniss so Peeta did. Peeta's mom eventually beat him for doing it
  • Dad teaches Katniss to hunt

    Katniss's dad taught her how to hunt, this helps her get food for her family. It also helps her aim.
  • Gale suggests using a bow

    Gale told Katniss to try to get her hands on a bow. Gale new this would help her because Katniss has a good shot was a bow.
  • Prep Team helps Katniss Look good

    The prep team helped Katniss by dressing her up, waxing her, and giving her make up. This helps Katniss get sponsored for the Hunger Games
  • Cinna and Portia

    Cinna and Portia dress Katniss and Peeta up for the opening ceromoning. This helps them get sponsored and noticed
  • Haymich gives tips

    Haymich gives Katniss tips for hunting in the games. This helps her stay alive and helps her show the judges that shes skilled, this helps her get a high score
  • Burn Medicene

    Haymitch and Katniss's sponsors sent Katniss medicene because she was burnt in the forest fire. The medicene provided hekp to Katniss because Katniss might not have been able to go on and fight because of the pain.
  • Katniss was told to run

    Peeta yelled at Katniss to run after she killed the career. Katniss was helped because the career could have killed her if it wasn't for Peeta
  • Hunger Game Teams

    Cesar decided that if the other person from your district is still alive that they could team up against the other oppenents. This helps Katniss and Peeta because now they have a person to help them survive