Katherine Goble Johnson's Life

Timeline created by nataliam_
  • Birth

    Katherine Goble was in 1918 in West Virgina.
  • Starting School

    Starting School
    Her early life was spent justifying her amazing math skills. She soon learned she loved to count. She was counting everything by the 1st grade,
  • Starts High school

    Starts High school
    At a very young age, she excelled at most things. For her incredible math skills, she began high school at age 10.
  • Beginning College

    Beginning College
    She began college at 15 yrs. She took classes to be a mathematician. She went to West Virgina State College. She met her husband and she stopped going to school
  • Back to College

    Back to College
    She went back to college one they started to integrate after she finished college by 18. She became a teacher and got married.
  • Constance Goble

    Constance Goble
    Katherine had her first child Constance Goble with her husband James Francis Goble.
  • NASA Job

    NASA Job
    The job opened up for a computer in NASA. Soon got a temporary job about a crash that happens. Turned out it was permanet or 4 years.
  • Death of her husband

    Death of her husband
    Sadly, her husband died of cancer. He died right after she finished her temporary job. They had three daughters.
  • Soviet Sputnik Launch

    Soviet Sputnik Launch
    Russia Launch the 1st artificial satellite in space. This changed Katherine life, she was able to calculate the trajectory for John Glenn's launch.
  • John Glenn Launch

    John Glenn Launch
    John Glenn was the first man to orbit the earth. He asked personally for Katherine to check the calculations for his launch.
  • Retire

    Katherine retired from her job at NASA in 1986. She worked there for 28 years. She was a computer for many major Space Programs.
  • Honorary Doctor of Science

    Honorary Doctor of Science
    She got an Honorary Doctor of Science at the Captial College in Maryland.
  • Honorary Doctor of Science

    Honorary Doctor of Science
    She got an honorary doctorate of science from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virgina.
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom

    Presidential Medal of Freedom
    Katherine Goble received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She received this for her work in the NASA space program. Also, her contributions to the Space Race.
  • Computing Room named after her

    Computing Room named after her
    On this day, Katherine got a computing room in NASA named after her. This room was 30 million dollars and was 40,000 square foot.
  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures
    The movie Hidden Figures comes out to honor her and many other changemakers.
  • Celebrates 99th birthday

    Celebrates 99th birthday
    On August 26, 2017 she turned 99 years old. She is living strong! :)