Justin Bieber Albums

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  • My World

    My World
    First EP
  • My World 2.0

    My World 2.0
    First Studio Album
  • My Worlds: The Collection

    My Worlds: The Collection
    First compilation album
  • My Worlds Acoustic

    My Worlds Acoustic
    First remix and acoustic album
  • Never Say Never- The Remixes

    Never Say Never- The Remixes
    Second remix album
  • Under the Mistletoe

    Under the Mistletoe
    First christmas album, and his second studio album.
  • Believe

    Third studio album
  • Believe Acoustic

    Believe Acoustic
    Second acoustic album
  • Journals

    Second compilation album. Was also called "Music Mondays" because one song was lauched every single Monday (it tooks 15 Mondays.)
  • Purpose

    Fourth studio album
  • Chages

    Fifth studio album