Just Listen, Sarah Dessen, Fiction, Pages 371

  • Chapters 1 and 2, Pages 1-30

    We are introduced to Annabel who is model and in high school. There is a flashback to when she was 12 and became friends with the new girl in the neighborhood her name is Sophie. Now 4 years later it's the first day of school, and something happened that summer (that Annabel hasn't talked about yet) that makes everyone (especially Sophie) hate her. She is an outcast. Pages 870
  • Chapters 3 pages 30-65

    Annabel won't admit to her mom that she doesn't want to be a model anymore because it is the only thing that keeps her mom happy because she's depressed since her mom died. After school Annabel got a modeling job which her mom makes her do and we learn about her older sister, Whitney's eating disorder. There was a flashback to when Whitney comes home from college and is very skinny and won't eat. Annabel finds her past out in the bathroom and they found out about her eating disorder. 905
  • Chapters 4 and 5, Pages 65-114

    Sophie and Annabel aren't friends anymore so at school Sophie is saying rude things all the time to Annabel, but it escalated to the point where Annabel shoved Sophie away and they almost fought. Annabel throws up afterwards and everyone sees. Then the guy everyone is scared of comforts Annabel and takes her home and they become friends. Annabel hides her bad day because she doesn't want her mom to stress about her when she has to deal with Whitney already. 954
  • Chapters 6-9, Pages 114-157

    There is a flashback to when Annabel and Sophie were still friends and when they were at a party Annacbel brought her modeling friend Emily, and Sophie gets jealous. We learn Sophie was a very clingy friend. Owen and Annabel are good friends now and Owen tries to help Annabel tell her mom she wants to quit modeling and she won't. Annabel convinces to not liking confrontation and she holds a lot in. 997
  • Chapters 9 and 10, Pages 157-179

    Sophie spread a rumor that Owen and Annabel were dating because they're always hanging out. Annabels parents leave her and Whitney home alone while they go on a trip. Whitney actually starts talking to Annabel and Annabel orders pizza for them and Owen delivered it and him and Whitney have a lot in common. 1019
  • Chapters 10- 13, Pages 179-252

    Owen and Annabel start to hang out a lot more and she goes to his house to give him back his jacket and his littler sister (who is obsessed with Annabel talks her into staying and helping her and her friends and Owen with their "fashion show". During the fashion show Owen and Annabel kiss. Next comes a fashion show which Annabel is in and before she hears girls gossiping about her old friend Emily (who is Sophie's new bff) and she hears she hooked up with Sophie's boyfriend Will Cash. 1092
  • Chapters 13-16, Pages 252-312

    Annabel finally tells us she was raped by Will Cash like Emily but she kept it to herself so everyone thought she was a nasty girl, which is why her and Sophie aren't friends anymore. Emily told the police and isn't friends with Sophie anymore but isn't an outcast like Annabel and now Sophie. Annabel is so close to coming out with the truth but choked when she tried to tell Owen and he won't talk to her. Sophie is still dating Will. 1152
  • Chapters 16-18, pages 312-371

    Owen doesn't talk to Annabel for the longest time, so she goes to the radio station to explain everything to him and does the show with him, of course he forgives her. She mends her relationship with Clarke and they become friends again after the night Annabel ditched her years ago. Annabel comes out with the truth that Will raped her and she doesn't want to model anymore. Whitney is better from her eating disorder. 1211