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Jurrasic Park

By 2119239
  • The main characters are introduced

    The main characters arrive at the island.
  • Dennis Nedry is killed

    While trying to drop off stolen technology, a Dilophosaurus kills him.
  • Raptors

    The raptors corner the children in the kitchen
  • Tour

    The main characters take a tour around the island
  • A storm arrives

    The storm causes most of the employees to leave
  • Dennis Nedry defects

    He defects to another company and turns off the power to park.
  • T-Rex Escapes

    The Tyrannosaurus Rex escapes because the power was turned off.
  • Velociraptors Escape

    The Velociraptors escape when the power was shut down.
  • T-Rex kills the raptors

    The T-Rex kills the raptors
  • Escape the island

    The main characters escape the island with a helicopter.