Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay, Fiction, 306 pages

  • pages 1-55 chapters 1-6

    In chapter one they introduce the charecters.Sort of. You see the main charecter Ariel is not really Ariel. She is Juliet,yes the Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, now Juliet has come into her body because there are two solemates who are destened to be together. Juliet comes to help,but when you get her you get Romeo who has taken over Dylans body. Suposseable they are destened to kill eachother to either let love strive or it could die with them.Then Ariel meets Ben and things get a little shook up
  • chapters 7-11 pages 56-120

    When Ariel meets Ben she seems to have a sense of recognition. She has no idea from where though.The sole mate she has been sent to protect is her bestfriend Gemmma. Now Ariel has feeeling for Ben and she is not supposed to its "forbbidin". Gemma has a part in the school play that for one night she is going to have to miss so shy Ariel volenters. So they practice and practice so she could project her voice. While Gemma is in rehursal Ariel is backstage painting and is suprised to find Ben there
  • chapters 12-`14 pages121-151

    All of the children end up in Gemmas barn. Ariel, Gemma and Ben. They are playing a drink game and Ariel needs to let Ben know that they cant be together. Dylan shows up and she kisses him. Ben freaks out,because Ben and Dylan dont like eachother.