Road to Revolution

  • The Proclamation of 1763 issued

    The Proclamation of 1763 issued
    The first law Parliament passed was called the Proclamations of 1763. This law meant that colonists could not settle west of Appalachian Mountains. Britain wanted that land to remain in the hands of the Native Americans to prevent war. This new law angered colonists who wanted to move to Ohio Valley. Several Colonists ignored the law.
  • Sugar Act passed

    Sugar Act passed
    In 1764 Parliament passed the Sugar Act. This law placed a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the Colonies. The colonists grew upset and angry. They began smuggling goods instead of paying extra for them. Britain enforced this law and punished the smugglers.
  • Stamp Act passed

    Stamp Act passed
    The Stamp Act was passed in 1765. This law required all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing a tax had been paid. This tax affected ALL the colonists. They protested and sent delegates to congress. The colonists were upset because they were being taxed without representation. Britain realized the Stamp Act was a mistake. They removed it in 1766.
  • The Quartering Act passed

    The Quartering Act passed
    The Quartering Act was passed in 1765. It requires the colonists to house British soldiers and provide them with supplies. The colonists were upset that they had no say in what they thought was fair. They didn't have any representatives. Britain was working on getting more revenue to cover the expenses from the French and Indian War.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    One day a group of patriots and a group of Red Coats were insulting eachother and arguing. This exploded into violence. A fight broke out. Attucks and four laborers were killed. The colonists used this event as anti-British propoganda. The people of Boston became out raged.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The sons of liberty organized the Boston tea party for revenge on the British for implementing taxes on them. On the night of December 16th in 1773 a group of men disguised as native Americans snuck onto three tea ships docked in the Boston Harbor. They dumped 342 chests of tea that night. The colonists rejoiced at the news and hoped that the British parliament would realize that the tea act was a mistake and repeal it.
  • Intolerable Acts passed

    Intolerable Acts passed
    In 1774 Parliament passed the Coercive Acts. The Colonists call them the Intolerable Acts.The Intolerable Acts were passed to punish Massachusetts and warn the other colonies. These acts closed the port of Boston and banned commitees of correspondence.
  • The First Continental Congress Meets

    The First Continental Congress Meets
    In 1774 delegates from all of the colonies except Georgia met in Philidelphia for a meeting called the First Continental Congress. Everyone voted to ban all trade with Britain until the Intolerable Acts were repealed. The delegates also agreed to begin training troops in preparation of war with Britain.
  • The Battles at Lexington and Concord

    The Battles at Lexington and Concord
    Lexington and Cooncord were the first battles of the Revolutionary War. This was the time when the colonists had to choose which side they are on. Those who supported the British were also known as Loyalists. Those who sided with the rebells were Patriots.