juliana life

  • Period: to


    when i was zygote
  • Period: to

    the embryo

    when i was embryo
  • Period: to

    the fetus

    when i have fetus
  • Period: to

    I was a infancy

    i was a infabcy
  • Period: to


    i was adolescence
  • Period: to


    i was a puberty
  • heart beats regularly

    heart beats regularly. eyes and ears begin to form.
  • heatr beasr regularly

    heatr beast regularly. eyes and ears bein to form.
  • infant

    infant begins to crawl
  • figerprints

    fingerprints form.
  • Bones

    Bones are visible. Heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope.
  • Heart

    heart develops right and left chambers.
  • eyelids

    eyelids can open and weight can be up to 6.6 pounds.
  • Period: to


    i was a chidhood
  • a baby

    a baby can hold up adn reach for objects.
  • to US

    whan i came to US
  • ovulations

    ovulations in females and sperm production in males begin.
  • Period: to


    i was a adulthood
  • skin to came wrinkled

    skin starts to become wrinkled
  • aging

    aging begins.
  • aging

    aging becomes more noticeable and proresse rapidl.