The Tradition of Judge Robes

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  • Dec 23, 1300


    Historically, Judges were often from the upper class of society. Being of such importance and being of upper class they were prone to dress fancy. Judges wore a fancy black dress, robes, wigs, flamboyant jewelry, and hats.
  • Custon began

    Custon began
    Custom began in the 17th century after nations attended the funeral of Queen Mary. Every one dressed in black robes as a sign of mourning. Due to the fact she was so loved the justices continued to wear the robes.
  • Period: to

    Color was added

    Red is another color for judicial robes and its a color with dramatically different cultural associations.
  • Period: to

    Why Judges Wear Black

    Black in the 17th Century in Europe was a broadly popular color. Catholics clergy started wearing black around this time. The color has long been associated with Godly authority and dignity as a result.
  • John Marshall

    John Marshall
    John Marshall insisted American Judges Should standardize their apparel, and keep in simple by wearing black robes over their suits. Humble black robes have been standard in the US federal judiciary ever since.
  • Supreme Court Justice in Maryland

    Supreme Court Justice in Maryland
    The Judge wears a red, with British-style white "cross" collars
  • William Rehnquist

    William Rehnquist
    Modified his robe, resembling the British Lord. His robe had hour golf stripes on each arm.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor

    Sandra Day O'Connor
    Sandra Day O'Connor keeps to the traditional attire. Her reasoning for doing so is because it is a tradition.
  • Countries insprired by America

    Countries insprired by America
    The Mexican Supreme Court Justice wear black robes identical to the style of the American robes. Mariano Azuela Güitrón is wearing a identical robe.
  • Supreme Court Hat

    Antonin Scalia wore a hat because he was a traditional Catholic. He defended the traditional Catholic morality.