From no one to the King of Urban Punjabi Music

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  • Early life of Imran Khan.

    Early life of Imran Khan.
    Imran khan was born on 28 May 1984.He is a Dutch-Pakistani, urban Punjabi singer, songwriter and composer. He became known in 2007 after his first single "Ni Nachleh" produced by Eren E.
  • personal life

    personal life
    Khan has 2 brothers and 1 sister. The name of his younger brother is Shehbaz khan .
  • Career

    Khan started his music career in his late teens. After Prestige Records released Khan's debut single Ni Nachleh,Khan continued his career by performing in several countries.[6] Khan’s first released single, Amplifier, was produced by Eren E and was released on 12 July 2009 and received 2 million views on YouTube on it first week of release and currently has 161 million and counting views on YouTube.His second single, "Bewafa," was produced by Hakan Ozan and was released on 30 November 2009.
  • Success

    Unforgettable is Khan's debut album, released on 27 July 2009 via Prestige Records.It was produced by Eren E and Hakan Ozan. The album contains 15 tracks. The album was nominated for the "Best Album" award at the UK Asian Music Awards 2010 and won "Best Album" at the 2010 Brit Asia TV Music Awards.
  • Awards and Recognition

    Awards and Recognition
    Won "Best Album" at the 2010 Brit Asia TV Music Awards for Unforgettable.
    Won "Young Person of the Year at Successful " at the 2013 at Pakistan Achievement Awards.
    Won three awards in 2015 from Pakistani Music and Media Awards for best songwriter, best video (for "Imaginary") and best song (for "Imaginary").
    Imran Khan won 3 out of 3 awards this year at the BritAsia World Music Awards held in the United Kingdom.
  • Recent Songs.

    Recent Songs.
    Khan recently gave his fans a new song called "Knightridah". he is presently working on his new album which will consist of many hits.