Mj shoes

Jordan Shoes

  • Air Jordan 1

    Air Jordan 1
    This shoe single-handedly redefined basketball sneakers, and it almost never happened. Initially, Michael Jordan was hesitant to get endorsed by Nike because he wanted a deal with Adidas, and also he was leery on the black and red sketches shown to him by designer Peter Moore—which he referred to as "the devil's colors."
  • Air Jordan XII

    Air Jordan XII
    The Jordan XII built on the XI's carbon shank plate and introduced Zoom Air cushioning and a herringbone sole for added traction—one of its predecessor's weaknesses. Its main inspirations were Nisshoki, the Japanese flag (the lines on the upper are meant to channel sun rays), and a women's fashion boot, as demonstrated by the speed hooks on the upper, the elongated silhouette, and the faux reptile leather on the sides.
  • Air Jordan XXXV DNA

    Air Jordan XXXV DNA
    One of the craziest looking shoes ever created, these should serve as a reminder of how good the old models look to this day. To describe this Jordan as out of this world would serve as an understatement this is one of the ugliest shoes the brands has ever created. But, it’s a ‘performance shoe’, right?! We’d keep these on the court.