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  • max meets kevin

    max was spying on kevin when kevin and max saw him at school the next day and that is how they meet.
  • times at school

    kevin and max were at school and they were in gym and they were playing basketball well kevin wasnt because its hard for him to play and a kid through a ball at kevin and kevin fell and then the kid blamed it on max and then max didnt say anything and then max got a detention and he had to help kevin up and then kevin was mad at max but max didnt say anything.
  • kevin and max

    they became friends after max told him that it wasnt him who through the ball and kevin belived him so then kevin and max became friends and then they started going on a bunch of quests
  • the fireworks

    kevin and max were friends at the time and they went to go watch fireworks and kevin kept trying to see but he couldnt and so max could see hat he couldnt see so he lifted kevin up on his shoulders and they were watching the fireworks and laughing and having a good time.
  • traveling

    a bunch of boys took this girls pruse and then droped it in a sewer then later that night kevin woak up max and told hm they were going to rescue the pruse max wasnt up for it at first but he soon was thanked for it.....
  • killer kane

    killer kane kidnapped max, and max was with his dad in the truck and killer kane took him back to an old ladies house and he was hurting him and being mean to him and killer kane just got out of jail and so kevin went over to max's house and max wasnt there and so kevin went to rescue max and then killer kane would not stop harming so kevin squirted soapy water into killer kane's eyes and then killer kane went to jail and then max was fine so they went back home.
  • max saves kevin

    max and kevin were at lunch and kevin was eating way to fast and started choaking on what he was eating and kevin holer and screemed and got the ners kevin spent a few days in the hospital.
  • max's worriness

    after kevin went into the hospital max went home and was very upset and felt very sorry for kevin.
  • kevins death

    so max and kevin had ther last adventure and kevin went home on christmas and then died in his sleep the day after christmas i think he just stoped breathing max was really sad about it and started chasing the ambulance down the road.
  • memories

    max had a book that kevin had given him and after kevin had died and max wrote all of the memories and adventures that they had and he wrote all the way until the end.