John Wilkes Booth

Timeline created by zacoreylasse(me)
  • John Wilkes Booth discovers Lincoln's schedule

    John Wilkes Booth hears about the president going to see a play and He sets up a plan to assassinate him
  • John Wilkes Booth murders The president

    John Wilkes Booth puts his plan into action and takes necessities with him. He sneaks into the back, while blending in because he is a well known actor and is not noticed. Booth assassinated president Lincoln and ran away.
  • Lewis powell attacks the Secretary of state

    Lewis Powell tries to murder William H. Seward as a part of The plan John Wilkes Booth assembled
  • The criminals hide in a thicket and meet Jones

    The two fugitives are told by Captain Cox to hide in a thicket and talk to Jones
  • Booth hides out at Dr. Mudd's house

    After crossing the border, Booth went to Samuel Mudd's house to rest and seek medical attention.
  • Booth and Harold Go to Captain Cox

    Booth and Harold are told to meet Captain Cox after it is not safe to stay at Mudd's farm.
  • John Wilkes Booth dies

    JWB goes to the Garretts farm with Harold and spends the night there. They are locked in a large shack and The Union arrives. Booth is fatally shot and passes away.