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John Tyndall, Irish physicist

  • John Tyndall

  • 1820 The birth of John Tyndall

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    John Tyndall

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    John Tyndall Irish physicist

    John Tyndall, born August 2, 1820, Leihlinbridge, County Carlow, Ireland. Tyndall was a Irish physicist who discorved the 'Greenhouse Effect', wrote books on poetry and science. Also discovered why the sky is blue from scattering of the Sun's rays by molecules in the atmosphere. Studied about water vapour and carbon dioxide, atmospheric physics and the Tyndall effect. Among other attributes to science.
  • Greenhouse effect

    Greenhouse effect
    In 1859, Tyndall showed that gases including carbon dioxide and water vapour can absorb heat. He used the radiation from a copper cube containing boiling water. Infrared radiation was conducted from this experiment, like that emanating from the Earth's surface. This was later coined 'Greenhouse effect', when gases in the atmosphere trap heat.