John F. Reynolds

By 115306
  • Birth

    John F Reynolds is born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Reynolds attends the United States military Academy

    Reynolds attends the United States military Academy
  • Graduated US Military Academy

    Reynolds graduates 26th out of 50 in his class
  • Battle of Buena Vista

    Reynolds Surves at the battle of Buena Vista as part of the Mexican-American War
  • Becomes Captain 3rd Artillery

  • Stationed in Oregon

    Reynolds is ordered west toServe in Oregon
  • Rogue River wars and Utah Wars

    Reynolds takes part in the Rouge River, and Utah wars from 1857-1858
  • Becomes Instructor at West Point

    Reynolds becomes an instructor at west point right before the war breaks out
  • Becomes lieutenant colonel, 14th infantry

  • Becomes brigadier general

  • Receives COmmand of Army of the Potomac

    Oct 3 1861- Mar 13 1862
  • Death

    Killed by a confederate volley; first and highest ranking general to die a Gettysburg