John f. kennedy

John .F Kennedy

  • John F. Kennedy was born

    John F. Kennedy was born
    Johns mother is named Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and his father is named Joseph Patrick Kennedy. He was the second oldest among his eight siblings.
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    JFK grew up in a wealthy, irish family. Johns parents didn't thought he'd be anything big, because John has always had a poor health. On the other hand, his parents thought Johns brother, Joseph, would be a president one day, but Joseph died under WWII.
  • Graduated From Harvard

    Graduated From Harvard
    JFK graduated from Harvard with a bachelor grade in june 1940.
  • Joined the army

    Joined the army
    Jofn F. Kennedy volunteered to the military at World War II. He commanded the Patrol (Torpedo craft). John F. Kennedy and his crew fought against the Japanese at the Tokyo Express where his boat sank. They were in the water for over 15 hours and 11 out of 12 soldiers made it. they were brought back to land the next day. John F. Kennedy received a medal for his courage.
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    Joined politics, member of The United States House of Representatives

    JFK joined politics as a democrat, and became a member of The United States House of Representatives, and were a member from 1947 to 1953.
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    Senator for Massachusetts

    JFK became a senator for Massachusetts, and was it, from 1953-60.
  • Married Jackie Bouvier

    Married Jackie Bouvier
    John F. kennedy married Jacqueline (Jackie) Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.
  • Became president

    Became president
    In 1960 John F. Kennedy got choosen as president. he won over Richard Nixon. John F. Kennedy got 49,7% of the votes where Richard Nixon got 49,5% of the votes. John F. Kennedy was the youngest man ever to be a president and the first catholic president in the USA.
  • The assasination of John F. Kennedy

    The assasination of John F. Kennedy
    John f. Kennedy was assasinated by an assasin at 12:30 am. he was on the way to the Dallas Trade Market to give a speech when the assasin shot him in the head, from a long distance. He sat next to his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, in his car in a motorcade. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged for the murder, but denied it. To days after he was charged, he was murdered by Jack Ruby.