John F. Kennedy

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born.

    Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. He was second son to his parents, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr and Rose Fitzgerald.
  • John F. Kennedy Graduated

    Joh F. Kennedy enrolled at Princeton University in 1935, but illness soon forced him to withdraw. Upon recovery he went to Harvard University. He graduated from Harvard Univeristy in June 1940 with a degree in science.
  • John F. Kennedy joined the Navy

    After he graduated, John F. Kennedy joined the United States Navy. He entered World War II, and got transfered to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron. He was given command of a PT boat.
  • John F. Kennedy got a back injury and got a new job as a journilist.

    Kennedy got a back injury and got sent back to the United States. That following March he became a journilist, covering the United States Conferences in San Fransico and the 1945 General Election.
    I think th is important because: He was around politics, which I think is the reason he wanted to run for president.
  • John F. Kennedy Congressman

    In 1946, JFK, ran for congressman and won.
    I think this is important because: It was the first thing he did in politics.
  • Joh F. Kennedy runs for president

    In 1960 John F. Kennedy, ran for president against Richard Nixon. John F. Kennedy won by 112,827 votes more than Richard Nixon.
    I think this important because: It was the start of his new caeer as president.
  • Peace Corps.

    John F. Kennedy made the announcement that he will create "Peace Corps." a volunteer program that has three goals: providing technical assistance; helping people outside the United States to understand US culture; and helping Americans to understand the cultures of other countries.
    I think this is important because: He was trying to get the world to come together.
  • Space Race

    Kennedy announced that we will be having a race to the moon. Although Kennedy died before th United States first stepped foot on the moon.
  • Racism

    Kennedy said that 100 years ago President Lincoln fought to free the slaves, and yet today they are not fully free. He announced the Civil Rights Act, it made schools and jobs intergraded, and made discrimination illegal.
  • Death

    John F. Kenned was shot in Dallas, Texas in a open top limo. After a ten month investigation, Lee Harvey Oswald was aressted. There are many theories that it was just a cover-up, and there ws more than shooter, but no one can prove it.