John Deere & Steel Plow

  • Period: to

    Innovations of the Steel Plow

  • Steel Plow

    Steel Plow
    The steel plow worked to many slaves advantanges for their work on the farm. This was easier and was tough enough not to break.
  • Self Lawn Mower

    Self Lawn Mower
    This was a self mobile device that chopped weeds.
  • Motor Lawn Mower

    Motor Lawn Mower
    This Lawn Mower is easier and had less man power to handle and work because of the motor inside.
  • John Deere Tractor

    John Deere Tractor
    This is a present day tractor of the invention of the Steel Plow. The tractor is related to the first plow because John Deere still make the most developed and easy-to-use tractors every era.
    John Deere still has the company up and running because their tractors have always been equipped and maintained.