John Adams

  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • birth

    this was the day that John Adams was born
    this is important because without this the history might be different
  • edu

    John Adams went to Harvard at age 16
    this was important because without this he more than likely would not have gotton to president.
  • graduation

    John Adams graduates form Harvard.
    this is important because this makes it possible for him to become president easier.
  • got married

    this was the date thet John adams got married
    this is important part of john adam's life
  • first child

    the first child, Abigail, was born.
    this is an important part of John Adam's life.
  • comander in chief

    John Adams nominated George Washington as comander in chief.
    this helped in the revolutionary war
  • the first president

    washington becomes the first president
    this is important because everything he does will reflect on other presidents.
  • judiciary act

    the congress establishes a federal cort system.
    this is important because this court system is still used today.
  • first cheif justice

    john jay was the first chief justice.
    this is important because he is the first.
  • Vice president

    was the first vice president of the U.S.A. under the constitution
    this was significent step for John Adams becoming the rpesident of the united states
  • bill of rights

    bill of rights were added to the constitution.
    this is important because then the people have their rights.
  • re-elected

    John Adams was re-elected for vice president
  • treaty with spain

    a treaty is sent to spain to settle the differences between the U.S. and spain.
  • first chief resignition.

    John jay is the first to resign from the chief justice.
    this is important because now there will be a new chief justice.
  • John Adams becoming president

    this is when John Adams became president
    this is important because this is the start of john adams presidentcy
  • the XYZ affair

    this was when John Adams went to the french to stop steeling from their ships and the french sent three people to bribe John Adams.
    this was imprtant because it almost starts a war.
  • population

    the popiulation of the united states is 4,900,000.
    this is important because it shows how the united states is growing.
  • alien and sedition acts

    this was whe n John Adams this was to prevent illegal immagrants from the french
    this was important because it violates amendment one
  • the capital

    the capital was moved to washington D.C. john Adams was the first president to live in the white house.
    this is important because this is where the capital will be for the U.S.A.
  • congress meeting

    this was the first time the congress had ever met in the capital.
    because of this, this is where the congress will meet again
  • election of 1800

    John Adams lost the eection of 1800 to thomas jefferson
    this is important because there is a new president
  • end of being president

    this is when Tohmos Jefferson becomes president and this is the end of John Adams being president for life.
    this is important because there is a new president for the united states.
  • slaverly in new jersey

    slayverly was abolished in new jerse
    this is nearing the cilvil war
  • death of John Adams

    this was the day that John Adams died
    this was the end of the second president of the U.S.A.