Joel's First 40 Years

  • South Pacific

    South Pacific
    To see more about this musical, click here. The prize-winning musical, opens on Broadway on April 7. South Pacific It's World War II and the US army has stationed a base on a South Pacific island.
  • Television

    to find out more click here a television is a thing for you to watch shows and fun thing on.
  • H-Bomb

    to find out more click here is in the middle of its development as a nuclear weapon, announced in early 1950 and first tested in late 1952
  • beraLice

    click here for more info 1950s television show for his musical entertainment
  • Dacron

    click here is an early artificial fiber made from the same plastic as polyester
  • elvis presley

    elvis presley
    click here Elvis Presley signs with RCA Records on November 21, beginning his pop career
  • rincess Grace Kelly

    rincess Grace Kelly
    click here releases her last film, High Society, and marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco
  • mickey mantle

    mickey mantle
    [click here ]( is in the middle of his career as a famous New York Yankees outfielder and American League All-Star for the sixth year in a row.