Joe Paterno

  • Starts career

    Starts career
    Jerry Sandusky starts his coaching career at Penn State University as a defensive line coach
  • the second mile

    the second mile
    Jerry Sandusky founds The Second Mile. It was group foster home to helping troubled boys into a charity dedicated to helping children with absent or dysfunctional families
  • victim 5

    Victim 5 is taken to the locker rooms and showers at Penn State by Sandusky when he is 8 to 10 years old.
  • victim 6

    Victim 6 is taken into the locker rooms and showers when he is 11 years old. When Victim 6 is dropped off at home, his hair is wet from showering with Sandusky. His mother reports the incident to the university police, who investigate.
  • Sandusky retires

    Sandusky retires
    Sandusky retires from Penn State but still holds emeritus status
  • victim 8

    A janitor named James Calhoun sees Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Football Building with a young boy,who was Victim 8, pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy
  • victim 2

    A Penn State graduate assistant enters the locker room at the Lasch Football Building. In the showers and sees a naked boy, was Victim 2, whose age he was 10 years old, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky
  • student tells paterno

    student goes to paternos home and repots what he seen
  • victim 1

    victim 1 is molested
  • investigation

    Pennsylvania attorney general Tom Corbett begins sexual abuse investigation of Sandusky
  • sandusky retires

    sandusky retires
    Sandusky retires from involvement with The Second Mile, saying he wants to spend more time with family and handle personal matters
  • sandusky is aressted

    sandusky is aressted
    Jerry Sandusky is arrested and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts
  • 9th victim

    Possible ninth victim of Sandusky contacts state police e
  • paterno is fired

    paterno is fired
    Penn State Board of Trustees fires Joe Paterno
  • McQuearry

    McQueary is placed on administrative leave