Jimi hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

  • Birth

    Jimi Hendrix was born, but named Johnny Allen Hendrix
  • Name changed

    Johnny's father, Al, changed his name to James Marshall Hendrix
  • Sees Elvis Presley in Concert

    Elvis Presley was one of the main inspirations of Jimi and he watched him perform at Sicks Stadium
  • Jimi's mother dies

  • First Guitar

    Jimi Hendrix got his first acoustic guitar. It was an old second hand, that his dad had bought him for about $5
  • First Electric Guitar

  • Enlists into the army

    Jimi enlists into the army and is stationed at Fort Ord, California
  • Forms King Kasuals

    Jimi becomes a para trooper and forms the band, King Kasual with fellow soldiers, to entertain troops
  • Honorable discharge

    Jimi recieves and honorable discharge after breaking his ankle during a jump
  • Forms Jimmy James and the Blue Flames

    Jimi forms the band Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, with guitarist Randy California. They get a regular gig at Caf Wha?
  • Jimi Hendrix burns his Fender Stratocaster on stage

    Jimi Hendrix was performing at Monterey International Pop Festival
  • James becomes Jimi

    Jimi Hendrix and Chas chandler fly to London, where Jimi will form the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Chas Chandler becomes the manager and they decide enroute, to change James to Jimi
  • "Hey Joe" is released

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience releases their first single, "Hey Joe".
    The group's debut album, "Are You Experienced" is also released a while later
  • Major US tour

    First show in San Francisco
  • Electric Ladyland is released

    The double album became Jimi's first Number One album in the US
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience plays it's final gig

    At the height of their popularity, the group broke up, after performing the last date on their american tour at the Denver Pop Festival
  • Gypsy Sun and Rainbows

    Jimi debuts a new band at the Woodstock music festival in New York. The group includes BIlly Coz on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums, Larry Lee on rhythm guitar and Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez on percussion
  • Band Of Gypsys

    A trio formed by Jimi, Coz and Buddy Miles plays Bill Graham's Fillmore East in New York
  • Band of Gypsies Tour

    "The Cry of Love" tour begins at the Forum in Los Angeles
  • Grand opening at Electric Lady Studios

    A Grand opening party is held at Electric Lady Studios, which Jimi has designed for himself
  • Death

    Jimi dies in his sleep at the Samarkand Hotel in London.
    He was 27 years old