Jim Carrey

By CJA101
  • Jim Carrey is born.

    On January 17, 1962, Jim Carrey was born in Ontario.
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    Jim Carrey's Life

  • Jim's father loses his accounting job.

  • Jim is booed of th stage at Yuk Yuks in Toronto.

  • Jim drops out of school.

  • Jim successfully returns to Yuk Yuks

  • A newspaper critic sees Jim as a future star.

  • Jim moves to Los Angeles and preforms in comedy clubs.

  • NBC signs Jim to act in The Duck Factory

  • Jim acts in his first movie, Finders Keepers.

  • Jim appears in Once Bitten.

  • Jim marries Melissa Wormer.

  • Jim acts in The Dead Pool.

  • Jim acts in many more movies.

  • In Living Color debuts on TV, giving Jim his first national exposure

  • Jim tapes his Showtime cable special

  • Jim wins acclaim with his preformance in Doing Time on Maple Drive.

  • Jim stars in 3 blockbusters in a row, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask.

  • Jim divorces Melissa.

  • Jim marries Lauren Holly.

  • Jim atars in The Cable Guy.

  • Jim stars in Liar, Liar.

  • Jim stars in The Truman Show and Simon Birch.

  • Carrey wins a Golden Globe for his rule in The Truman Show.