Jillian Blanch Out of my Mind

  • Exposition 2: Setting

    Exposition 2: Setting
    1. Melody's house.
    2. Melody's dad's work.
    3. The store.
    4. The doctors office.
  • Exposition 3: Characters

    Exposition 3: Characters
    1. Melody
    2. Melody's mom
    3. Melody's dad
    4. The doctor
  • Rising action: 1

    Rising action: 1
    Melody's parents tried to enroll her at a school, but the doctor thought she was mental and didn't know anything, but instead she knew all of the answers.
  • Exposition 1: Backround

    Exposition 1: Backround
    Melody cannot talk, walk, feed herself, take herself to the bathroom, however she knows words in her head. She also knows noises, smells, and tastes. Melody remebers everything because she has a photgraphic but nobody knows.
  • Rising action: 2

    Rising action: 2
    Melody gets sent to school for the first day, but she is in a room with all of the disabled kids and it is way too easy.
  • Rising action: 3

    Rising action: 3
    Melody got a dog named Butterscotch.
  • Rising action: 4

    Rising action: 4
    Melody's mom had her baby named Penny and Melody starts to get a little jealous because Penny can do everything Melody can't do.
  • Rising action: 5

    Rising action: 5
    Melody gets a new teacher and an aide.
  • Rising action: 6

    Rising action: 6
    Melody meets ad becomes very good friends with a girl named Rose.
  • Rising action: 7

    Rising action: 7
    Melody gets a machine called a media talker that allows her to talk.
  • Rising action: 8

    Rising action: 8
    Melody joins the Whiz Kids Team and they win their first compotition.

    Melody's team leaves her at the airport for the compotition in Washington.
  • Falling action: 1

    Falling action: 1
    Melody's dad gets so mad that Melody's team left her that he punches the wall and needs to put his arm in a sling.
  • Falling action: 2

    Falling action: 2
    Mr. Dimming called and apoligized for everything but Melody's mom didn't take it so well and she started screaming at him.
  • Falling action: 3

    Falling action: 3
    Melody's mom has to do everything since Melody'sdad's arm is in a sling but Melody's mom has a huge headache. Melody then wants to go to school and her mom isn't very happy about it.
  • Falling action: 4

    Falling action: 4
    Melody's mom hits Penny with her car taking Melody to school.
  • Rising action: 5

    Melody is with Mrs. V afraid that it's all her fault and wondering if Penny will be okay.
  • Resolution: 1

    Resolution: 1
    Melody starts to laugh about the compotition with her class and knocks the trophy down on accident.
  • Resolution: 2

    Resolution: 2
    Penny comes home with a cast on her foot but she is feeling okay.
  • Resolution: 3

    Resolution: 3
    Melody wonders if she'll ever be normal later in her life.