John f kennedy

JFK Administration

By rjcushy
  • New Frontier Speech

    New Frontier Speech
    -It was his acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention
    -Showed how JFK firmly belived in civil rights, women's rights, and welfare payments for the needy
    -He encouraged Americans to support him in this new path he wanted to pave for the people
  • Houston Ministers Conference

    Houston Ministers Conference
    -He spoke about his Catholic religion
    -He explained that he would support freedom of religion
    -The audience was concerned about whether Kennedy could make important decisions without using Papal influence
  • Kennedy vs. Nixon

    Kennedy vs. Nixon
    -First televised debate between presidential candidates
    -Radio listeners thought Nixon won because his points were stronger -Television viewers believed Kennedy won just because he looked good
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    -Closest the world has ever been to a nuclear war
    -Almost began when a U-2 plane was shot down in Cuba
    -It did not happen thanks to JFK asnd Khrushchev
  • Election of 1960

    Election of 1960
    -Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon
    -JFK was the youngest man ever elected
    -He was the first Catholic ever elected
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    -It was a complete failure by the Americans
    -It made Kennedy look really bad
    -The defeat was praised by Cuban media
  • Attack on the Free Riders

    Attack on the Free Riders
    -The KKK slashed the tires of t bus and bombed it
    -The Free Riders were on there way to test out the anti-segregation laws
    -The klan members escaped
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    -2,000 people escaped and 500 people were killed
    -It was used to separate West Berlin from East Berlin
    -It was a concrete wall that was surrounded with guards
  • Civil Rights

    Civil Rights
    -It had been the first time a President called on Americans to participate in civil rights
    -Kennedy strongly supported the equality of blacks to whites
    -Many legislations were passed and welfare was given to help out the blacks in their quest to achieve civil rights
  • Assassination of JFK

    Assassination of JFK
    -Supposedly killed by Lee Harvey Oswald
    -He was shot and rushed to a hospital in the same car he was shot in
    -He later died in the hospital and then Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in