JFK administartion

By alk123
  • New Frontier speech

    New Frontier speech
    it was his speech at the democratic convention.
    was asking for support
    showed his support in equality
  • JFK speeks at Houstons minister confernece

    spoke about his religon
    he also addressed peoples fear of papal influence in the presidency.
    lastly he spoke about religous freedom
  • JFK debates Richard Nixon on television

    JFK debates Richard Nixon on television
    first televised debate
    nixon lost because of how well kennedy held himself
    nixon sounded better due to where he stood on important issues
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    closest to a nuclear war
    tension started with the U-2 incident
    JFK had to work issues out with Khrushchev
  • JFK wins elections

    JFK wins elections
    John Kennedy became the thirty fifth president.
    second youngest presiident
    defeated Richard Nixond
  • Freedom riders attacked in alabama

    Freedom riders attacked in alabama
    group of black and white volunteers
    KKK bombed their bus while stopped in alabama
    no one was charged with the bombing
  • Berlin wall is constructed

    split berlin in half
    people wanted to escape communist east germany
    28 miles with gun towers
  • bay of pigs invasion

    bay of pigs invasion
    was a loss for the americans
    cuban media praised the government for defeating america heroicly.
    made US presidenc look foolish because kennedy took full responsibility.
  • kennedy adresses nation about civil rights

    kennedy adresses nation about civil rights
    He talked about his support for equality
    Kennedy speaks from the Oval Office
    was in response to the National Guard being sent to protect African American students
  • JFK assasinated

    JFK assasinated
    Happened In Dallad Texas.
    lee harvey oswald shot him
    after he died lyndon b johnson became president