• new frontier speech

    -added temporary thirteen-week supplement to jobless benefits,
    -also the extension of aid to the children of unemployed workers
    f-inally an increase in Social Security payments and the encouragement of earlier retirement
  • jfk wins election

    closest election in history
    kenedy definatly deserved the win
  • jfk vs nixon

    -they had a few tv debates
    -nixon was no match for keneddy
    -nixon was nervous and tweaking out and sweating
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    -cia trained force of cuban exiles
    -invaded southern cuba
    -cuban gov. fidel castro
  • Freedom Riders Attacked in Alabama

    -schedualed to arrive in new orleans
    -freedom ride washington d.c
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    -keneddy attacked ike verbaly
    -scary moment it history
    -people were shocked
  • Berlin Wall is Constructed

    It was constructed by the German Democratic Republic.It completely cut off West Berlin from East Berlin. During this period about 5000 people had tried to escape over the wall.
  • huston minister conference

    -adressed his catholicism
    -separation of church and state
    -he could guide our modern day politics
  • Kennedy adresses the nation about Civil Rights

    Kennedy speaks about sending the national guard to protect African American students at the university of Alabama. It proposed the civil rights act of 1964.
  • the assasination

    -one of the worst events in us presidental history
    -aweful thing