Jewish history timeline

  • Period: to

    Judaism is beginning to change.

  • The weakening of Rabbinic authority

    The weakening of Rabbinic authority
    The weakening of Rabbini authority began with the Cherem of Baruach Spinoza. This weakened the Rabbis power because when Spinoza was excommunicated he had two options convert or repent.Spinoza being the jew that he is chose the third option to do neither. This option was to just run away and stay jewish. Due to Spinozas actions it weakened rabbinic authority because Spinoza destroyed the Rabbis last weapon against the Jewish people Cherem.
  • Judaism's Divided

    Judaism's Divided
    Judaism was split up into three new sects Hasidism Haskalah and Misnagdim. The Hasidisms main idea was that you can connect to God in anyway and if you do something with specific intentions you can reach ultimate spirituality. The Haskalah movement is the jewsih Enlightenment it came about because Jews wanted to reform and redefine Judaism. The Misnagdim where a reaction to Hasidism and didnt agree with what they did. They also believed that you have to follow halacha to the letter of the law.
  • Period: to

    The Jewish people begin to be accepted as a religion and a nation.

  • Jewish Emancipation

    Jewish Emancipation
    In 1789 the Jews are finally given citezenship. The first country to give the Jews citizenship is France. Frances only concern about giving the Jews citizenship is what side they would be on in a time of war. They were worried that they wouldnt be french Jews but Jews that live in France. So Napoleon who was Frances leader at the time decided to test the jews loyalty by making Napoleons San Hedrien where he posed the jews with 12 questions to prove there loyalty to france.
  • Jews in America

    Jews in America
    As jews become more accepted in the world they start to migrate to the United States. After the Spainish expulsion there was an increase of spanish jews in the United States. In the 1830's the German jews made the move to America because of oppurtunity. Jews where welcomed in the United States which they didnt get often which led to an increase of jewish immigrants moving to the United States.
  • Zionism

    The first group of zionists is Bilu they where a group of teenagers who wanted to settle in the land of israel and have Jewish self determination. They led to the creations of four different types of Zionism Political, Cultural, Labor and Relgious. Each one stressed different reasons on why the jews need the state of israel. These four types of Zionism lead to the jews getting the state of Israel.
  • New types of Judaism

    New types of Judaism
    During this time period new versions of Judaism came about such as Conservitive Orthodox and Reform. The Conservative jews believed that they shouldnt change the rules of the past but wanted to her the opinion of the people on the laws. But the Reform jews where the exact opposite they wanted to changed the past and come up with new rules. The Orthodox jews placed community over individual authority. Also in Orthodoxy the Rabbis have a very big say in what the community does he is the leader.
  • Tenaments to the Suburbs

    Tenaments to the Suburbs
    When Jews first moved to the United States they lived in Tenaments. Tenaments are very small bedrooms which a few jewish familys lived in. During the day they transofromed their room into a workplace while at night a bedroom. Due to the over population in the tenanments it was very unsanitary. Jews lived in Tenaments until they moved up in Social calss and eventually got into suburbs.
  • Difficulties of living a jewish life on the 21st century

    With the bad economy in America its not easy living a jewish life. A family of four two parents and two kids spend about 95,000 dollars a year. This is an insane amount of money we have to spend a year. The 95,000 dollars comes from having to pay for jewish holidays kosher food being a member at shul and jewish tuition. Being a jew in America has become a very easy thing to do but now the more difficult situation now is to live a jewish life in America due to the expnses of being a jew.