Jerry's Abusive Second Marriage

By ldunn
  • Jerry's 1st wife leaves him

    Jerry's first wife tells him she's done with him, and flies back to Germany, where they met.
  • Jerry meets his second wife at a bar

    Heartbroken but not wanting to be alone, Jerry goes to a bar, where he meets his second wife.
  • Period: to

    Jerry's 2nd Marriage

  • They move in together

    Not quite a month after meeting, Jerry and she move in together
  • She blows up for the first time

    Two weeks after moving in, she accuses Jerry of taking her earrings and turns over a table when he says he did not take her jewelry.
  • Jerry moves out (the first time)

    Jerry moves into an apartment after two months of living together.
  • Jerry moves back in

    She begs him to stay or she will commit suicide, then tells him to bring her house keys back. He agrees; she talks him into giving her another chance, so he moves back in after only 2-3 days of being apart.
  • She gets pregnant

    Shortly after he goes back, they get pregnant.
  • Engaged

    Wanting to do right by their kid, Jerry asks her to marry him. He hopes she will change, just like she promises to do.
  • They get married

    After a short engagement, they get married.
  • She attacks Jerry with a knife

    She accuses Jerry of cheating on her, merely because he was at work late one night, and then shoves him into the hot oven. He pushes her back, which enrages her, so she pulls a knife on him. He's able to avert her attack.
  • Baby arrives

    Their son is born.
  • She tries to drown him

    Jerry tells his wife that he can't stay with her if she keeps attacking him. This sets her off again, and she shoves his face into the sink while he is washing his face, trying to drown him. They fight and he calls the cops who escort him around their home while he gathers his things. She attacks him again, and when the two cops intervene, she attacks them too. After one of the cops bodyslams her, they arrest her.
  • Jerry leaves her for good

    Jerry forms a plan of escape and leaves her for good. He consults a lawyer about his chances of taking his son away from the mother, but is told that since she's the mother, it would be considered kidnapping if he took the child.