Jennifer Kaniya

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    Growing Tobacco

  • seedbeds

    after about two months in the seedbeds,tobacco plants were large enough to traseplant. in preeperation for planting, the soil in the field was hoed into small mounds or hills. Each tabacco plant was set in a mound to give it plent of growing space
  • Pulling worms

    Pulling worms
    As the Tobacco grew in the fields it had to be checked often for Tobacco worms. The only way remove worms was to go throught the field and pick them off ecah leaf. Weeds growing around the plants had to be pulled. If there had been little rain, the plants had to be watered.
  • tobacco harvested

    tobacco harvested
    late in the summer or early fall the tobacco was harvested.the entire stalk of each tobacco plant was cut on the bottom and left to,a hole was cut in each stalk so that it could be put into a long stick,called a tobacco many as eight stalks replaced on a stake
  • seeds

    Tiny tobacco seeds were planted in the seedbed in a protected area. they were covered with pine branches to protect them from the cold.the seelings the watered and weeded
  • Making New Tobacco Fields

    Making New Tobacco Fields
    During the winter, forests were cleared to make new tobacco fields. Tobacco ruined the soil after four or five years and new fields had to be constanly prepared.
  • once the tobacco dry

    once the tobacco dry
    once tobacco were dry they were bundled into hands a hand was bunch and ten to tenty leaves
  • hanging tobacco

    hanging tobacco
    Stakes were hung in tobacco barns to dry for six to ten weeks
  • Leaves On Stakes

    Leaves On Stakes
    When the leaves on the Stakes were dry, They were taken down and stripped from the stalks this was often on rainy days so the leaves would not crumble and break.