The adoration of jenna fox by mary pearson

Jenna Fox's Hospitilization Timeline

  • Car Crash

    Jenna, Locke, and Kara get into a serious car crash; Kara dies instantly.
  • Period: to

    Jenna Fox In Regular Hospital

  • Brain Scan Done

    A brain scan was conducted to see if Jenna would be able to survive after such a baig crash. Results came out negative.
  • Locke Dies

    Locke dies three days after the car crash; Jenna is the only one left alive.
  • Doctors Conducted Test

    The doctors took blood samples to see if Jenna had her complete blood count (she didn't), to see if she had electrolytes, glucose and liver function (she didn't), carbon monoxide poisoning (she didn't), and a drug overdose (she didn't, other then an accelerated amount of adrenilin).
  • Newspaper Article is Published

    A newspaper article is written spreading the news of Jenna's car crash.
  • Doctors Have Final Test

    The doctors conducted their last and final test to see if Jenna would live, they came back negative.
  • Jenna's Father Has and Idea

    Jenna's father has and idea that he can regrow, rebirth, and redesign Jenna completely. Ultimatley, this would save her.
  • Jenna Almost Dies, Again

    Jenna's Mother and Father consider pulling the plug.
  • Parents Change Their Mind

    Jenna's parents change their mind, they begin to think of ways to save her.
  • Jenna Moved

    Jenna is moved to a new, secret "hospital" to be recreated by her father.
  • Period: to

    New Jenna Being Made

    Jenna is being worked on and "brough back to life".
  • Strikes Form

    Somehow, word leaked about what people could possibly be doing to Jenna and strikes began to form outside of the original hospitial she was at. The hospital wasthreatening to sue.
  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!! Jenna truns seventeen!
  • Father Must Return to Work

    People were wondering where Jenna's father was and began to grow suspicous, thus causing her father to "return" to work.
  • Half of Jenna Done!

    Half of Jenna is done being made, the skin is all grown, all bones except for hip are filled with Bio Gel. All they have to do is put in the brain chip.
  • One Year!

    It has been exactly a year since you have been in a coma. We hope you are ready soon.
  • Jenna Shows Signs

    The GCS (Glaslow Coma Scale) showed signs that you were about to wake up. She would talk a little bit inder her breath, her fingers would slightly move, and the doctors could see your eyes move under your eyelids.
  • Jenna Wakes Up

    Jenna wakes up, finally! She is brought home, well her new home.