Jason Aldean ~ Tattoos On This Town

  • The birth of a country music star

    The birth of a country music star
    Jason Aldean was born February 28, 1977 in Macon, Georgia
  • Period: to


    During the 80's the band "Alabama" relesed an album every year, the band was one of Jason's number one influences and favorite band. Hit songs such as Mountain Music and Southern Star influenced the young artist who was only about 6-12 years old when these songs were released.
  • "My Home's in Alabama"

    "My Home's in Alabama"
    The band Alabama relesed their song "My Home's in Alabama" in Janurary, 1980. The song having some similar connections as Jason's, "tattoos on this town" was an early inspiration for Jason
  • Parents Divorced

    In April, 1980 Jasons parents divorced, Jason was only 3 years old
  • Urban Cowboy movie relese evolves country music

    Urban Cowboy movie relese evolves country music
    The relese of Urban Cowboy helped emerge artists such as Reba McEntire and George Strait who influenced young Jason.
  • Early Beginnings

    Early Beginnings
    Jason attended private school, Windsor Academy in Gegoria. He lived with his mother and spent the summers with his Dad, who before work mapped out chords for Jason to practice while he was at work. Later they would play them together.
  • CMT Inspiration leads to the start of a career

    CMT Inspiration leads to the start of a career
    Jason began singing and performing professionally thanks to his admiration of CMT when he was about 14.
  • The House Band

    The House BandOnly 15 years old, Jason joined "the house band" in Georgia
  • Garth Brooks Solidifies his fame

    Garth Brooks Solidifies his fame
    With the relese of his big hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes" Garth Brooks dominates the country music scene for the next decade. Another one of Jasons influences
  • Nashville, Tn

    Nashville, Tn
    At age 21 Jason moves to Nashville in pursuit of his music career, having to leave his hometown will later be the main influence of his connection to "Tattoo's On This Town"
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aldean

    Mr. and Mrs. Aldean
    Jason marries his high school sweetheart at age 21, which later is part of the inspiration for his song Tattoos On This Town
  • First Hit Single

    First Hit Single
    Jason's first single "Hicktown" and number 1. hit "Why" leads to his first album "Jason Aldean" which is released later that year.
  • Relentless

    Jasons second album "Relentless" came out just a little over a year later
  • Wide Open

    Wide Open
    Jason's next album "Wide Open" included many hit songs which reached the top 40 charts and Billboard 100
  • My Kinda Party

    My Kinda Party
    "My Kinda Party" included many hit songs such as "Don't You Wanna Stay" featuring Kelly Clarkson and an alternative mix "Dirt Road Anthem" featuring Ludacris.
  • Tattoo's On This Town Relese

    Tattoo's On This Town Relese
    Tattoos on this town "Tattoo's On This Town" debuted no. 18 on Billboards 100. The song was initially a song based around his high school sweetheart and the memories that shaped who he became in his small town and what he was leaving behind to become a country music star