Japan's Course of War

  • Pro-Japanese Government

    Japan seizes Korean emperor and establish pro-Japanese government.
  • Sino-Japanese War

    War between Qing Dynasty China and Meiji Empire over Korean territory begins.
  • Japan is triumphiant.

    Japan proves triumphant against China in the Sino-Japanese War over Korea.
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Japan declares war over Russia regarding territory in Manchuria and Korea.
  • Tsar Nicholas II Thinks of Peace

    Tsar Nicholas II elected to negotiate peace with Japan after major losses of the navy on Russia's side.
  • Japan Wins

    Japan wins Russo-Japanese War and keeps the territories.
  • Japan enters WWI

    Japan declares war on Austria Hungary and Germany.
  • Japan's Ultimatum

    Japan issues an ultimatum to Germany demanding to withdraw from the Chinese waters and Tsingtao.
  • Japan's Actions

    Japanese forces surround Qingdao.
  • A small win

    The Japanese occupy Qingdao.
  • Twenty-one Demands

    Japan sends the Twenty-One Demands to the Chinese nominal government.
  • Slight Trouble

    Imperial Japanese Navy marines suppress a mutiny by Indian troops against the government.
  • Japan and Russia's treaty

    Japan and Russia sigh treaty to not make desperate peace with Germany.
  • Destroyers arrive at Malta.

  • Japan and America's agreement.

    Japan and America sign Lansing-Ishii Agreement to reduce tension.
  • Britain needs help

    Britain request naval support from Japan. Two Japanese cruisers are sent to Cape Town South Africa.