jamie's cold war timeline

By jamieb
  • united nations

    united nations
    the united nations was formed to keep world peace.
  • yalta conference

    yalta conference
    there is no exact date on this but the yalta conference was held in yalta to decide what to do with the axis countries after the war.
  • potsdam conference

    potsdam conference
    the big 3 met in potsdam to decide over territory after world war 2.
  • truman doctrine

    truman doctrine
    the trman doctrine gave 400 million dollars to greece and turkey to help not be controlled by the soviet union.
  • marshall plan

    marshall plan
    the marshall plan gave money to european nations to help fight communism.
  • berlin airlift

    berlin airlift
    the berlin airlift supplied west berlin with supplies for a year because the soviet union blockadedthe city. it ended may 12, 1949
  • nato

    the north atlantic treaty organization was formed to protect countries against soviet control.
  • korean war

    korean war
    the communist north korea invade democratic south korea. ended july 27, 1953
  • end of korean war

    end of korean war
    ended in a military stalemate when neither side had really moved anywhere in weeks.
  • warsaw pact

    warsaw pact
    the warsaw pact was formed by the soviet union and its satalite states in responce to the nato formation.
  • sputnik 1 launch

    sputnik 1 launch
    the soviet union launched sputnik 1
  • first man in space

    first man in space
    russia put the first man into space